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You don't have to contact me about that, I hereby give you permission to link to any page about animals on my site. Please see the disclaimer page for anything else.

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Please do not write me about specific problems with your pets. Thank You.
My email has become overwhelming and too often quite heartbreaking. It's extremely frustrating and after a few years of this, I've have enough.  I can't possibly answer all of the mail even if I did have all the answers off the top of my head - which I don't.

The answers are already on the site. I almost never have anything to add that's not on the site. So far the answers have most always been there if you take the time and look. This is a self serve site, so help yourself. There's a site search engine on the main page to help you find what you need. It is up to you do to your own homework, I've tried to make it easy for you. 

I am not a trainer, a breeder, or a rescuer.  My practical experience is very limited, I've raised exactly ONE puppy. I am just a pet owner online with lots of links, helpful friends, and I've found lots of good information to share. It's your responsibility to save or train your pet, I cannot do it for you.

I am removing my email address from the site as I come across it during updates because too many insist on writing me with their problems without reading what is already on the site. (Not to mention the sometimes hundreds of spam emails I get in a day because it was on several pages.) To contact me for projects not listed above or for other reasons, I still have it here: LM|at| 

I am not good friends with my email, can you tell? I'm usually not good about reading it and even worse about answering it. I've been known to go weeks without hardly looking at it. My friends will vouch for this! Yup, I have gotten pretty cranky about it. If you saw some of the stuff I get because people just don't do their research, you would be too. I can only hope that some are trolls.

By the way, I tend to send most spam to the Federal Trade Commision. I let them sort it out and decide if it's illegal or not. If you are harvesting email for spam lists, please think twice before adding  For more info, please see:

-Leilah's Mom