Wishing you Peace, Love and Happiness throughout the Holidays and the New Year

From Leilah’s Mom, Hubby, and of course, Leilah 
(U-CD Goldie’s Lucky Leilah CGC WGP)

Scratch a dog, and you'll have a permanent job
-Franklin P. Jones

Southern California style "sleigh riding" with Sparkler
(no, she's not mine)

Holiday Humor:
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 The Acme Poster's Christmas Song

Christmas Bawls - A Merry Barkerick

Yorkie's Jingle Bells lyrics

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Doggie Wonderland

Santa Claws Is Coming To Town

Jingle Dogs and Cats (wav files)

Cat's Dreidle

Canine Christmas
Be sure to see Francis' Fun Sites link

Canine Carols

Dog Carols

Bad Dog.com Christmas Stories (scroll down)

Holiday Etiquette For Dogs

Gift Wrapping With A Puppy

What NOT To Get Your Dog For Christmas (scroll down)

A dog's New Year's Resolutions

Another dog's New Year's Resolutions

Live long and prosper

MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Site Fights
My Christmas Present from Teresa R
Check back on Christmas to see what I got!

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