Leilah's Howliday Humor

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Howliday Humor:
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 The Acme Poster's Christmas Song Christmas Bawls - A Merry Barkerick
Yorkie's Jingle Bells lyrics 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Collection
Doggie Wonderland Santa Claws Is Coming To Town
Jingle Dogs and Cats (wav files) Cat's Dreidle
Dog Carols
Bad Dog.com Christmas Stories
This is their search engine - just put Christmas in the title slot and hit fetch....
Holiday Etiquette For Dogs Gift Wrapping With A Puppy
Ode to Winter A Christmas Tail
Ferret Christmas 12 Days of Puppy Christmas
More Doggie Carols A Rott'n Christmas Greeting
Poem from the Dog A Christmas Story
A Canine Christmas More Canine Christmas Fun
Dog Christmas Links Starship Schnauzers Save Santa
Silky Christmas Card
(check out the 12 days of a Silkie Christmas)
Search and Rescue Barbie
New Year's Resolutions Of Our
Favorite Breeds
A Dog's New Year's Resolutions
Another dog's New Year's Resolutions Have a Happy 2000!
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